Welcome to Royal Roads School of Business blog!

November 5, 2019
Robert Mittelman, PhD
Welcome to Royal Roads School of Business blog!

It’s an exciting time of change for business schools.

Society is demanding more from its businesses and business leaders than ever before. Faced with a climate crisis, deep social inequalities, and rapid technological change among many mega-trends, business and, more broadly, our current economic system must accept both its role in creating and now addressing these global issues. To do so, business must change. Business must begin to value purpose, social & environmental impact, and community in much the same way it does profit.

Roughly 200 business leaders with the Business Roundtable recently committed their companies to this approach, saying that the “purpose of a corporation” includes “a fundamental commitment to all of our stakeholders.” It should no longer be a choice between doing well financially and doing good for the planet and the community but a focus on maximizing a blended value that includes economic, social, and environmental components. Alex Gorsky, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Johnson & Johnson and Chair of the Business Roundtable Corporate Governance Committee said “It affirms the essential role corporations can play in improving our society when CEOs are truly committed to meeting the needs of all stakeholders.”

For this to happen, business education must change as well. I believe this is what we’re striving for at the Royal Roads University School of Business.

We don’t deliver a typical business education. We combine our university-wide philosophy on applied, experiential learning, teaching and research that help people transform careers and lives by solving problems and creating opportunities in the world with the needs of the business community.

Our undergraduate programs focus on business & sustainability and the entrepreneurial spirit. Our Masters programs focus on global and intercultural management issues in addition to an executive level business education. Our new doctoral program combines the strength of a professional doctorate with the research emphasis and rigor of a traditional Ph.D. to tackle real-life important problems facing businesses and organizations.

This blog will highlight some of the research & thought leadership of our faculty, activities of our students and our programs, alumni achievements and successes, as well as developments across the School of Business.

I hope you enjoy it and we look forward to connecting with you.

Robert Mittelman, PhD

Associate Professor & Director, School of Business