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RRU Dual Degree: maximizing your business education

November 24, 2020
Charles Krusekopf and Deb Linehan
RRU MBA MGM Dual Degree

In response to student requests, in October 2020 the School of Business announced its first Royal Roads University Dual Degree, a combined program that includes the executive leadership of the RRU MBA and the global focus of the RRU Master of Global Management (MGM).  The new program offers students and alumni the opportunity to earn two high-level business credentials in an accelerated time frame.

Dual Degrees are increasingly popular as students seek to optimize their learning experiences and credentials to compete professionally. Program Heads, Dr. Charles Krusekopf (MBA) and Dr. Deb Linehan (MGM), collaborated to map out a design for a Dual Degree between MBA and MGM that highlights the unique aspects of each program while avoiding areas of overlap. Prospective students or alumni who are interested in learning more can watch this webinar recording.

What are the elements and outcomes of the new Dual Degree?

The MBA/MGM Dual Degree allows students to gain knowledge and experience with the intersecting complexities of executive leadership and global issues. The RRU MBA features a richly interactive cohort of experienced managers and courses focused on advanced leadership and executive management. MBA students are experienced managers from a range of industries and organizations seeking to advance their personal and professional skills and networks. The MGM addresses international complexities in business and organizations, applying a global lens to business operations and markets. The MGM program attracts career professionals with multicultural experiences and backgrounds and allows students to gain a global mindset and intercultural competencies. The new Dual Degree combines the strengths of the two programs, allowing students to develop both their management competencies and their global awareness to meet the challenges of the current age.  

How does the Dual Degree work?

Students interested in the Dual Degree will spend the first year of their studies in one of the two programs - entering a cohort in either the MBA or the MGM program and taking the first year of classes with their initial cohort. After the first year of program courses are completed, Dual Degree students will then take the required courses in the second program. Students will also complete specialization courses in either program, such as an RRU professional Graduate Certificate, and complete an applied research project. The Dual Degree can be completed in 26-months if the two programs are taken back to back. Students can also opt to take breaks or extend the program through a less intensive selection of courses. Alumni of either program can also complete the Dual Degree by returning to RRU to take the required courses in the second program.

Students who take the Dual Degree will complete a core set of business content, including marketing, accounting and finance, in one of the two programs and then transfer those credits to the second program, avoiding course duplication. The Dual Degree allows students to focus on the unique classes offered by each program, such as leadership and organizational behavior in the MBA, and intercultural studies and international operations in the MGM, while avoiding course and content duplication.  No matter which program is taken first, students will have the opportunity to complete an RRU Graduate Certificate as a specialization and conduct an applied research project. Overall the Dual Degree can be completed in less time than each degree individually, and at a lower cost.

Students may begin the Dual Degree through either the MBA or the MGM program. The program is designed to be flexible, allowing students to choose to enter the Dual Degree after they start a program or after graduation. All past graduates of the RRU MBA or MGM programs are eligible to utilize their previous course credits to gain a new Masters credential in an expedited format. This new opportunity allows alumni to update and expand their skills and professional networks while avoiding duplication of their prior learning.

How do prospective students apply?

The Dual Degree is now open for applications for entry to studies starting in January 2021.

Both programs retain their existing admission criteria. You may apply explicitly for the Dual Degree at the onset of your studies in either program, without obligation to continue, or you can apply later in your program or after graduation. Click to learn more about the MGM admission requirements and the admissions requirements for the MBA program

What are students saying about the Dual Degree and why have they applied?

Allan Purves, MGM

Allan is an experienced manager and Certified Fraud Examiner with 20 years background as a Controller, Financial Services Manager and VP Finance in the construction, transportation, retail, parking and software development industries.

“The program is ideal for me because it provides the highest quality instruction at a price that doesn’t break my budget. The international exposure in the MGM program coupled with the business fundamentals of the MBA will open doors in my career that would be otherwise unimaginable. The Dual Degree provides real-life leadership skills that transcend the boardroom, and the level of care the professors provide in helping you reach your full potential is unmatched.”

Samuel Ramos, MGM

Samuel Ramos is an IT professional with more than 15 years of experience in different areas of software development and systems analysis.  Most recently he is working as a Business Solutions Manager for BC Ferries on one of their major projects. Samuel completed undergrad studies in his native Mexico and has travelled and worked globally.

“The MBA and MGM programs combined will allow me to keep developing my leadership abilities to work more effectively with individuals from other cultures, regions, and ideologies while enhancing my business skills toward top-level management."

Gleysiane Senigalia, MGM

Gleysiane Tartari Senigalia is a professional with extensive experience in the financial and retail industries in Brazil. She has worked with international customers with a worldwide presence, which provided her with the opportunity to learn new languages, cultures and develop global mindfulness. Currently, she is working in Counterparty Credit Risk for Scotiabank

“What attracted me to the RRU dual degree program is the opportunity to transfer credits due to overlapping curriculum from my current program to a second program to achieve double credentials by saving time and money while working full-time with a limited time to invest in education growth. Also, I am confident that these credentials will help me further improve my skills and competencies by increasing my academic knowledge, combined with my practical experience without interrupting my career momentum. I hope the knowledge acquired during the dual program will provide me with strengths to achieve a higher professional level to a higher position in my organization”.

For more information about the MBA and MGM programs or how to apply, contact one of our enrolment advisors by email, or call 1.877.778.6227. If you are an international student, please contact our international enrolment team. Additionally, you can watch this webinar recording to learn more about the new RRU MBA-MGM Dual Degree!