Happy New Year!

January 21, 2020
William Holmes, DBA
Royal Roads School of Business New Year

Not only is 2020 the beginning of a new year, but it is also the beginning of a new decade. This is a time of change on a multitude of fronts. The world is facing unprecedented social, political, and environmental challenges, the post-secondary education sector is experiencing significant stress caused by technological advancements and demographic shifts, and the world of work is evolving more quickly than most of us are prepared for.

On the bright side, a time of change is also time for renewal. In the Faculty of Management, we are starting a new Doctor of Business Administration program, we have acquired four new core faculty members and have received an accepted offer for a new Canada Research Chair in Reimagining Capitalism. We have occupied a new space on campus and we have welcomed a number of new staff members. Royal Roads University has a new President (well…one year in, but still relatively fresh!) and is engaged in a search for a new Vice President Academic and Provost. The proposed Langford campus is steadily working its way through the approval process and the exciting initiative is on track for a September launch. The Cascade Institute will also be ramping up its activities over the coming year. Ideas for curriculum enhancements and revisions are coming fast and furious and faculty/management bargaining continues to move forward positively and at a steady pace. 

In 2020, we will under the leadership of Dr. Heather Hachigian and other colleagues continue to deepen our commitments to the Principles for Responsible Management Education and contribute to global thought leadership on sustainable business practices. This year will see a focus on supporting faculty to further embed opportunities to enhance student understanding of how entrepreneurship and management skills can be applied to address complex social and environmental challenges into their research and teaching.

Our faculty continues to up their research game with an increasing flow of peer-reviewed publications and other scholarly activities. In 2020 you will, for example, be able to read about Dr. Ash Prasad’s recent research in Organization and Dr. Hany Fahmy’s work is being published in the Journal of Economics and BusinessDr. Frances Jorgensen will launch a global study of how and why employee perceptions of HR vary. Drs. Amy Zidulka and Ingrid Kajzer Mitchell will also be entering the next phase of their Ministry of Health-funded research project on Collaborative Innovation. Many of our School of Business faculty are engaged in innovative and business-relevant research and we look forward to sharing their research insights here on the blog in 2020. 

As I reflect on the recent years and the opportunities going forward, I am happy to say that I am proud to work with such dedicated and passionate colleagues and for such a unique and innovative educational institution.

Happy New Year everyone, and let’s rock the next decade!